About AWTA

The Association of Wisconsin Tourism Attractions (AWTA) members represent the best of what Wisconsin has to offer.

Formed in 1986, AWTA has grown to become a major voice in promoting Wisconsin’s tourism economy. AWTA provides members with various governmental affairs services ensuring members’ voices are heard.

All of our members subscribe to an honor code that includes:

  • Courtesy and Cleanliness
  • Fair Admission and Ethical Operation
  • Quality Exhibits or Entertainment

AWTA Successes

Tourism Funding

The annual budget for state tourism promotion has grown considerably since AWTA was formed in 1986. Every two years, we work with the Department of Tourism and the Legislature to advocate for the importance of tourism marketing dollars. With reliable studies showing an 8 to 1 return on investment, we continue to push for increased state support in tourism promotion funding.

School Start Date

AWTA led efforts to change state law which requires all K-12 public schools to begin no earlier than September 1. This ensures that our members have both customers and staff during the last two weeks of August—peak tourism weeks.


AWTA has worked relentlessly to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on Wisconsin tourism. We have advocated for financial relief package legislation, worked with state agencies to implement reopening safety plans, and promoted the tourism industry in the media.

Liability/Tort Reform

AWTA members are leaders in defeating legislation that would have held businesses accountable for 100% of damages even when those businesses were found to be only 1% at fault. We continue to advocate for liability protections in the COVID-19 era.

A Voice for Small Business

AWTA is a voice for our members on all issues impacting the viability and profitability of small businesses, such as minimum wage, workers compensation, unemployment compensation, etc.

Tourism Federation of Wisconsin (TFW)

TFW is an organization of like-minded associations that lobby at state and federal levels on behalf of tourism. AWTA is a found member as well.